“Try to love yourself as much as you want someone else to.”
- my english teacher (via msndobrev)

Know your place. Accept your place. Be a shoe.

harry potter + sass

I know you may not believe this, but I’m human. And yet… I want to eat this so bad, I can’t help it. But if I do, I won’t be human anymore.

T.O.P and An Sohee X Reebok Classic.

T.O.P and An Sohee X Reebok Classic.

TOP’s breakdown when Sohee mentioned that she’s watched Iris

This love will be electrifying. 


get to know me meme: [4/8] male characters jake peralta
"This job is eating me alive. I can’t breathe anymore. I spent all these years trying to be the good guy; the man in the white hat. I’m not becoming like them… I am them. [What are you doing, weirdo?] I’m doing the best speech from Donnie Brasco.”

Oguri Shun


Oguri Shun


and who knew a group of asian boys dressed in tight pants would make me suffer so much

"Walk your own road. Don’t expect everyone else to do the same…it’ll only crowd your path, right?"
Happy Birthday Tablo